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Providing the best financial solutions to businesses.

Providing customised financing solutions

At Adexav Global Limited, we specialize in offering customized financial solutions to businesses. Our focus lies in the financial services, trade finances, and major sectors of the economy.
Our primary objective is to deliver top-quality financial solutions that are customized to the specific financial requirements of businesses.
We stand by your side and safeguard your financial interests, thanks to our unique combination of financial knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional service. Our clients rely on us to develop, supervise, and establish sustainable wealth on their behalf.
Our dedication entails building a relationship founded on trust and a persistent commitment to providing you with valuable assistance.

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Our competitive advantage is rooted in providing an innovative and customized service that meets the unique foreign exchange needs of our clients. Below is an outline of the steps we take during each transaction:
  • We begin by understanding our client’s requirements and ensuring that we can fulfil their needs.
  • We carry out our due diligence by advising clients our KYC document for execution. This is a one-off process.
  • We inform the client of the exchange rate applicable to the transaction type and the stipulated timeline.
  • Once an agreement is reached, we initiate the process by creating an invoice and providing the client with transaction confirmation.
  • The client transfers the Naira value of the requested amount to our designated account.
  • Upon receiving the funds, we initiate transfer instructions for the agreed-upon transaction amount.
  • We conclude the trade by sending the client telex notification of the transfer.
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